Saturday, January 24, 2009

Death, Life and Precious

January has already been a busy month so far. If this is any indication for 2009, we will be one busy family. Heath and I celebrated our anniversary on January 10. On the same day, my grandmother, Maxine Taft Isbell, lost her second husband, J.R. J.R. had been sick with bone cancer for a few months when he suffered a stroke. For the next 2 weeks, my grandmother stayed right beside him and cared for him until he passed away. My grandmother has gone through the death of her husband, twice. I can not imagine the empty feeling she has. Please continue to pray for her as she is adjusting to being alone again. Here is a picture of J.R. and grandmother Maxine a couple of years ago. Most of you that know me well, know that J.R. looks a lot like my grandfather, Earl. I have to agree and think it is interesting how you tend to choose things that are in resemblence to what you are comfortable with. My grandmother also lost her cousin, Ruby Turner, this past Tuesday. Ruby was 93 years old. Ok, enough with the death part...lets get on to the "life" section.
We have "baby Kayla" with us now. She will be going to Wisconsin to her "forever" family. I think she looks like a baby doll. What do you think?How precious is this? Kayla is a preemie baby being born around 34 weeks gestation, and this is her favorite position to lay in. Any time I lay her on her belly, she immediately puts her feet up near her face in this position. And, any time she is fussy, this position works too.
And, for some updates on some of our previous "Angel babies."


This is Logan-Duluth, MN

Ava and her family from Minnesota

Mya and her family from Albequerque, NM

I am blessed to have shared a portion of these little one's lives. Will they remember us? Nope, not one single baby will remember us..... Will I remember them? Absolutely! I can remember something special about each one of these little ones. I get so excited when I get an email with an update and photos.
I am so glad that each one of these babies has been given a chance at life. I was shocked to learn this past Sunday at church that for every 2 babies born, a baby is aborted. With the waiting list for people waiting to adopt, I wish every mother could see the blessing that their child could be.
I am in constant prayer for the birth parents, adoptive parents, and everyone that plays a part in the life of these children. I feel so honored that God called me to be transition care for them during this time. Please lift up a prayer as well for all of these lives that are touched.
Other prayer requests I ask you to lift up:
***Tucker Beam-finished his last round of chemo-Congrats buddy! I love you!
***Our new President-as the leader of our country, I pray that he will seeks God's guidance every step of the way.
***Corey and Heather Fillingame-a couple in our church that is completing their paperwork to adopt a child.
***Casey and Stephanie Allums-trying to adopt Nathan from Guatamaula.
***The Church at Ross Station