Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ok, I have fought for a few weeks trying to load pictures from the summer, but I am giving up. My blog doesn't want to load the pictures, and I am tired of trying. I will just recap the summer and start from here...

Our summer was BUSY and lots of fun. Claire got out of school at the end of May, and we took our family vacation to Myrtle Beach at the first of June. Since this was the last vacation before all 3 of my children were in school, we decided that we would "go all out". So, every time we saw something we wanted to do, we did it. We went to a waterpark, played putt-putt golf, went to the campground, bought lots of goodies, had lots of ice cream, ate at lots of places and spent lots of money... but, my kiddos were happy and that's what mattered at the time.

The summer was busy at church as well. We had lots of swim parties, worship gatherings, baptisms, fellowship and fun. The theme for summer at The Church at Ross Station was "Owatasummer". We had a blast learning about some of the children in the Bible that God used in big ways. We went to church camp and had a blast. All 5 of us went this year, and what a wonderful family time we had together. This was the only time all of us would get to go, because Claire moves up to the youth department in September.

We went to Alabama Adventure a good bit, had lots of family time and I actually got a tan for a change. Heath started up the explorer program for the Helena Fire Department. He has 7 guys ages 16-21 that are dedicated to the program and meet every week to learn about the role of a firefighter. Most of these guys have a desire to be firemen when they graduate school, so they are just getting a headstart in their career. Hopefully they will go to some competitions and be a great asset to the city. Speaking of city, the City of Helena is hosting a "Smoke & Gun Poker Run" and concert featuring Bo Bice. The events are benefitting various groups including the fire explorers. If you are interested, please visit

School has started, and the kids are loving it. Macie and Conner are in separate classes and are really getting along well without each other. I, on the other hand have the "empty nest syndrome". I miss them when they are at school. Claire started middle school, so she has 8 different teachers this year, but seems to like it.

It was a slow summer for foster babies. We took the time to enjoy each other, but I am excited to say that I have a baby that should be coming home from the hospital today. I can't wait to love on me a newborn sweetheart. Oh yeah, if you are interested in what I do with my newborn babies, and would like to be a foster parent (just like me) please let me know. The other foster family that we had has given it up, and we are looking for another family. Please pray that
God will send the perfect family to work with us. It is hard work, monetary pay is minimal, but the blessings are abundant.

I hope everyone has gotten adjusted to their schedules since school is back in session. I am making it a goal not to stay away from the blog for so long again. I am paying for it since I can't load my pictures. Happy Hump Day and thanks for sticking with me.