Thursday, June 4, 2009

Haircut, Camping, 5th Grade Day, Tucker Beam is my Hero

I got a haircut and highlights...

Back View
Here is where I got the idea from (yes, I took a picture of the TV screen)

Claire's Graduating class of 2016-

Claire getting her Presidents Achievement Award-

My mom wanted a good picture of her and my dad (my dad wouldn't cooperate ;-D )

Macie & Conner's Birthday Cake from Edgars-

Tucker Beam is now cancer free. He is also in the presence of Jesus. Tucker passed away early Sunday morning. The funeral was the most incredible service I have ever seen. Over 700 people attended and over 50 salvations. What a celebration! Thank you Tucker for touching so many lives and being such a witness for God. I love you and miss you very much. Please continue to pray for Tucker's family....

Our Camping Trip-we went with Brian & Cris Ryder camping... we had a blast... enjoy the pics.