Sunday, February 15, 2009

Look what I got and Look who I got to see...

Introducing... Tuttle Murphy Bartlett.... Tuttle is a dorkie (daschsund/yorkie) and he is 10 weeks old. I got him Friday evening and he is doing great. He should weigh about 7 pounds when he is grown.

And, I got to see AVA and her parents. Ava was here for her final adoption, so we got to meet up for dinner. They love that baby girl so much and it is great to see them after they have grown a little bit. Ava is 15 weeks old now. She has grown so much and looks so happy. Also, my friend Courtney has had her baby boy, Sam, and my friend, Melissa, has had her baby boy. I will try to post some pictures soon.

If you are wondering about our small group Bible study, it is going great. We went to the Oaks Assisted Living, on Valentine's Day, and gave all of the patients in the dementia ward valentine cards that our children made and goodies. I was so blessed by doing that. And my motto for the day.... Live every day as it is the Day the Lord is coming!


IrishMommy said...

Dang that doggie is so cute, and that baby Ava - PRECIOUS if I don't say myself. Thanks for coming out and having dinner with us during our short stay in Bama!
Love & Kisses! Keep up the awesome work Mom and Foster Mom.

Courtney said...

She is precious!!!!! I remember when she came for her newborn visit! Wow, those eyes are adorable.