Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Helena, Alabama, Puppy Love, Locks for Love, and reading with Grandmother

Today is the first day of March, 2009 and we woke up to snow on the ground. That's right.... it was 72 degrees Thursday afternoon, and today (Sunday) it is snowing. Of course, we will take snow any time we can get it. The twins are not even old enough to remember the last snow we got, so they were so excited. Here are a few "snow" pictures.

Here is Claire sliding down the hill...and for all of you "north" people, remember that we don't have clothes for this kind of weather and we definately don't have snow sleds. Claire is sliding on a garbage bag.

Macie, Conner and Heath rode together on the garbage bag. I don't think Heath realized his bottom would be so cold when he got up. =)
This is a picture of my parents house. I think it looks like a beautiful winter wonderland.

My parents house:

Here is Claire and Tuttle (who hated the snow by the way) and Mrs. Snowmaam...

Here is Conner next to snow Fireman/Baseball player.

We went to my grandmother's house yesterday to spend some time with her. Conner loves to spend time with my grandmother. Here is a picture of Macie and Conner reading with my grandmother. She loves when all of us come over.
Other news: Claire cut her hair. I forgot to take pictures of the before, but she got almost 11 inches cut off. We sent the 11" ponytail to locks for love. If you don't know, Locks for Love is an organization that makes hair pieces for children with chronic hair loss conditions and cancer. Claire was so excited to know that she can do something painless to help someone else. She is going to start over again so she can send another lock to them next year.

This is Graycee and her new fur baby, Prissi. Prissi and Tuttle came from the same breeder. Prissi is a shorkie (shih tzu/yorkie mix). I haven't gotten any good pictures of Tuttle and Prissi playing together because all they want to do is fight.

Well, I am off to play in the snow for the last time today. The temperature is now above freezing, so the snow is quickly melting. Church and small groups were cancelled today, so I am missing my church friends. I hope everyone has a terrific week.

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Courtney said...

Tell claire-bear I LOVE her new hair! Good to see you the other day.