Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Far Behind

I am so far behind on the blog. Let's see if I can catch up... So much has gone on in March and April. First off, we went to McWane Center. Claire stayed out of school and we took an education family trip. Here is a bass spitting Conner out onto dry land...

This is Conner showing you the great big green eel. Doesn't he look so grown up with his watch on?

Here is Piper. She loves the dog bed.

Skipping out of line, this is Conner's new mouth appliance. It is supposed to help keep him from sucking his thumb and keep his tongue thrust under control. The other appliance didn't quite work. This one looks monsterous and for his little bitty mouth, it is. But, so far, Praise God, it is working.

Here is an Easter Pic minus me!

On April 5, we went to the Tuscaloosa AirPort and saw the Blue Angels Air show! Everyone had a blast! I also had a foster baby, but I can't seem to find those pictures right now. I will keep looking though.

Look at Miss Drama Queen showing off under the plane!

Conner says the sun is too bright!

Macie playing Wii and wearing her Sponge Bob pj's.

Conner-you just can't see his SpongeBob pj's.

Ok enough pictures. As I said, I will continue to look for baby Lyric's pictures. I know I have them stored somewhere, I just can't find them right this moment. Other things happening:
-Bevin had baby Landon!
-Michelle had baby Jenna!
-I am still hooked on FaceBook, but my mom has joined now...
-We got season passes to Alabama Adventure, so we are going to enjoy some family time there...
-Heath passed Fire Officer II class!
-We have now been foster parenting a year, and have had 13 babies. I can't wait to see what this next year holds...
-I have registered Macie and Conner for school (Helena Elementary)
-Claire leaves for Washington with the 5th grade class next week (I am a little nervous!)
-We are praying for baby Stellan (
-We are praying for Tucker Beam ( and type in tuckerbeam)

Thanks for checking in on the blog. I appreciate you reading and hope that you will join us in praying for the above mentioned.


Chris, Nichole & Colby! said...

Your little ones are growing fast!!!

The Garner family said...

Thanks for the update!