Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish every mother a Happy Mother's Day today... Here are a couple of cuties that I g0t to give to their mommy and help them have a very special Mother's Day. This is Owen. He was a big boy, biggest I have had so far, 9lbs 3oz. He has moved to Wisconsin.

This is Brielle and her mommy and daddy meeting her for the first time. She has moved to Wisconsin also.

Sleeping Angel Brielle
I am so blessed to have 3 of God's precious miracles to care for. My ultimate goal is to make sure that they know that their Heavenly Father loves them and is preparing a special place for them. I still get emotional from time to time thinking about God allowing me to care for his children. What an honor that is.
Otherwise, we have been busy with lots of family time. Heath is getting ready for his first meeting with the Fire Explorers this Tuesday night. We have now been for our first meeting at Helena Elementary for Macie and Conner and how to prepare them for Kindergarten. Heath and Claire are home from their Washington DC trip, and I hope to get some pictures to post of that soon. We went to the Buck Creek Festival yesterday, and saw the ducks. Macie isn't feeling well today, so we didn't make it to church.... I will be looking for the podcast soon. I sure miss my church friends when I can't make it. Also, please continue to pray for Tucker Beam. Tucker is on a new drug that we are praying for awesome results. He is also getting ready to travel to Minnesota for a bone marrow transplant. Please, Please, Please pray for him, his family, and his doctors. Thank you so much for checking the blog.

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Chris, Nichole & Colby! said...

These babies are precious! IT would be soo hard for me not to want to keep them... Hope you had a great Mother's Day!