Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not much to update today. We stayed in our PJ's until this afternoon (I forgot it was Wednesday and we had church)... I was going though some old pictures and thought I should share a couple. I forget how small my babies used to be. They have changed so much... some days I miss the "baby stage".
This is a picture I shot when Macie had gone into Conner's room and fell asleep. Macie sucks her first 2 fingers, and Conner sucks his thumb. I actually woke Conner up when I snapped this pic (you can see his eyes squinting). How sweet!

I also wanted to ask you to pray for some people tonight. Please pray for Tucker Beam ( and his mom, Courtney. Tucker is in my Sunday School class at church. His treatment this week has make him kind of sick. Also, keep praying for baby Ava. She is adjusting to her family well, and they are loving her so much. What a blessing!

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