Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our dog, Like Father/Like Son, and Thanksgiving at School

Here is a picture of Heath and Conner sitting on the front porch. I thought it was so cute how Conner has his arm on daddy's back. They were sitting outside talking about all the leaves falling and about using the rake to get them up...
The next picture is our dog, Sadie. She is a mixed breed of American Bulldog and Boxer. She weighs about 40 lbs and is 8 months old. She is terrific with the kids and is very gentle.
And last but definately not least, Macie and Conner had their Thanksgiving party at school today. They came home with their little hats. Macie is an indian (even though her "feathers" wouldn't stay up) and Conner was a "pilgrin"... Macie said the indians are supposed to "be mean and make corn" and Conner said "the pilgrins like to travel and they came to Alabama). He wanted to know who came to Auburn. It's early here in the Bartlett household and I am very tired, so I am headed to bed. My goal is to get my Christmas boxes out of the attic before Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving, my family is coming here to my house, so I am very excited, and I still have a "foster turkey lurkey". Be praying for her and her "forever" family. Good night everyone... don't forget to give Thanks to God.

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