Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maggy Placement, Agency Christmas Party

Wednesday, I placed this sweetheart. Her name is Maggy. Isn't she precious. She was already smiling and sleeping through the night, even though she was only 2 weeks old. She got a wonderful family and has moved to New Mexico. She has 2 older brothers that I am sure are going to protect her well. What a precious gift they received here at Christmas time. Here is Maggy smiling...

Here is Maggy being placed with her precious family. They seem so sweet and loving.
We had our agency Christmas party Friday at Suzanne's house. What a wonderful time we had. Suzanne's house is beautiful and I got lots of gifts and got to spend time getting to know my friends better. Here is Lola (the other foster mom for the agency), Pat (social worker for the agency...she is the one that did my home study), Suzanne (owner of the agency), Jenny and Marsha (they are usually in the office every day handling things). It is a blessing to work with these wonderful women. I feel as God has placed each one of them for a very special reason and I am so glad he called me to A Angel Adoptions to foster my babies.

Here is just another picture, without Marsha but with me.

Tomorrow is a very special and busy day for us. We are going to my brother's house tomorrow morning, to my grandmother's tomorrow afternoon, and to the "Sandlin/Taft" annual Christmas gathering tomorrow evening. I pray that each of you have a very Merry Christmas. I am also praying specifically for a few of my family and friends... please consider praying with me for:
J R Isbell-my grandmother's husband-he has bone cancer and is really not doing well.
Tucker Beam-has cancer... Love you buddy!
David Farris-had a car accident and has minor head injury.

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