Monday, December 1, 2008

No Thumb and No Fingers

Most of you know that Conner sucks his thumb and he has a horrible tongue thrust. So, he now has an appliance that should help with that. It keeps the tongue in the right position and keeps him from sucking his thumb. Here is a picture of the appliance (tongue crib). Here is Conner sleeping. His looks so sad. He can't get his thumb up there. We are just lucky he fell asleep. And then, Macie sucks her first two fingers..... so,
I sewed socks to the arm holes of her pajamas. This way she can't suck her fingers. She finally fell asleep too. I have a feeling it is going to be a long few weeks here at the Bartlett house, as we conquer the "pacifiers". Wish us luck!

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IrishMommy said...

Oh my! Thank goodness Ava still hasn't found her thumb. Our Levi is finally at the end of his sucking, but she may follow his bad habit. YIKES and good luck.